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Name:James Adams
this is tough, but cherubs are tougher

NAME:  James Robert Anthony Adams (born James Robert Choke)
D.O.B:  October
FAMILY:  Lauren Adams (born Lauren Onions), sister, CHERUB agent; Gwen Choke, mother, deceased; father unknown.
BACKGROUND:  James was born in London to Gwen Choke, leader of a local shoplifting ring. His sister, Lauren, was born three years later; her father, Ronald Onions, drifted in and out of their lives, harbouring a great dislike for James. Both children grew up with every (stolen) material possession they could ask for, until their mother's death shortly before James' twelfth birthday. Lauren was taken in by her father, while James was sent to a children's home, where CHERUB recruited him three weeks afterwards. (Lauren was recruited a short time later, after her father was arrested on charges of child abuse and drug trafficking.)
PERSONALITY:  James is smart -- a mathematical genius -- and capable of handling himself. He copes well in high stress situations, though may not qualify as leader material: his best work is on solo missions or with a partner, where responsibility is shared equally, or as part of a larger team. He is prone to violent outbursts, often taking out his anger on those around him, and is aware of his temper issues. He has trouble-making tendencies (a factor in his recruitment) and has received several punishments on campus for various pranks and homework-related issues, but settles down with the right motivation. Other than this, he is a mature, charming and likeable boy who makes friends easily with all kinds of people.

"James is always lucky. He's got more jam than Sainsbury's."

[disclaimer: james adams is from the cherub book series by robert muchamore. this is just a roleplaying journal. for official purposes, this profile does not exist.
psst~ unless otherwise specified, james wears a black t-shirt with the cherub logo. currently: fifteen, almost sixteen; looks it.]

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amy collins, arsenal, bathtub sex, bruce norris, cherub, football, getting into trouble, girls, kerry chang, kyle blueman, lauren adams, london, mi5, not swimming, numbers, spying
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